Our Golden award winner this week was Joshua for an improved attitude to his school work this week. Joshua had a really great week and produced some great work! Well done Joshua, keep up the good work!

This week our writing award went to all of Year 5 for their Midsummer Night's Dream stories. I was so impressed this week with all the children - they all put 100% into their writing and the standard of their work was amazing. The children have planned and written their own Midsummer Night's Dream story based on Shakespeare's play. Their work is descriptive and they all managed to use Shakespeare's quotes as part of their stories. Amazing!

Last week the maths award was given to Halle. Halle has been working really hard in maths and it's been great to see her grow in confidence. Well done Halle!

Our minificate winner was Alicia this week. Well done Alicia!

Our reading challenge winners were Eva, Alicia and Hermione. Well done girls, keep up the good work!

AuthorKay McVey