On Wednesday we celebrated World Maths Day and this gave us the opportunity to devote our entire day to maths. Our day was linked to our Space topic and there were a number ofchallenges for the children to complete:

* To make 3D scaled models of the planets using the scale 1cm =4650.5km

* To make 2D scaled models of the planets using the scale 1cm = 1000km

*To calculate their weight in Newtons using the gravitational field strength for each planet and to present findings in a graph.

*To calculate the scaled distance of each planet in the Solar system from the Sun using the scale 1metre = 150 million Kilometre.

*To find out the average temperatures for each planet and present them on a line graph.

*To make a space themed maths boardgame which must involve using one or more operation (+ − ×  ÷) and formal written calculations had to be used in the game.

As you will see from the pictures, we had a fantastic day and Year 5 impressed me so much with their mathematical skills and enthusiastic approach to all challenges. Well done Year 5, we had a very successful day and thank you too for the wonderful effort with your mathematical costumes!

AuthorKay McVey