Happy new year Year 5 and welcome back!

The topics we will be studying this term...

Our main topic this term is our Victorians topic. Through this topic we will learn what life was like for children in Victorian Britain and we will also undertake a local area study where we will study how life in Blackpool changed as a consequence of the Victorian period. Our literacy will also link into our Victorian topic where we will read Street Child by Berlie Doherty.

In RE our new topic is Inspirational people. The children will learn about the conditions for following Jesus and learn how Jesus described a true disciple. They will have a chance to reflect on their commitment to following Jesus. They will learn the story of a person who had a special love for those rejected by society and about someone who was an inspiration for young people. They will identify people today who are an inspiration in their service of others.

In Science Year 5 will study life cycles and habitats. The children will learn about the features of different habitats and how animals or plants have adapted to survive. Identify different stages in the life cycles of plants and animals, linking to the reproduction of plants, germination and seed dispersal.


AuthorKay McVey