On Wednesday at 9.15am Year 5 will lead the whole school in a reflection on the Crucifixion of Jesus. We would like to invite those parents and grandparents who are able to, to join us in this short reflection of the events of Good Friday. Thank you.

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Well done to all the children in Year 5 who completed their 1000 Sumdog questions! We were in 1st place for half of the week and on the Friday we were awarded a certificate of merit for being a daily winner. Well done! Overall, at the end of the competition, we came 4th place in the competition and we are determined that we will get 1st place in the Summer term by ensuring we all complete all the questions. Well done Year 5!

sumdog cert.jpg
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For those children who are taking the Bikeability training this week, here is a copy of the letter sent home today...

Bikeability letter

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For Lent Year 5 made their own Lenten promises which we have displayed in class to remind us to keep them… 


In class we have been looking at the qualities of being a follower of Jesus and have looked at the Beatitudes and other teachings of Jesus. It is for this reason the children have also decided to make another promise…

Class Lenten Promise.jpg

I would be very grateful if each member of Year 5 could donate one piece of unwanted clothing before the end of term so that we can fulfil our collective Lenten promise. We have chosen Barnardo's as our charity as it links in with "Street Child" that many of the children have chosen as their Lenten reading challenge. Thomas Barnardo first set up Barnardo's during the Victorian period when he met a street child called Jim Jarvis who the novel is based upon. Thank you so much for your support. 

Year 5 also came up with a great idea for a reading challenge for Lent. We've decided to form a book club and so by the end of term, alongside our normal reading, we - Mrs McVey, Mrs Hodgkiss, Mrs McCooey and all of Year 5 - will read one of three books. The three books we have chosen to read from are: Street Child, War Horse and The Demon Headmaster. In the last week before we break up, we will share our thoughts about the books and discuss what we liked and disliked about them. I'm so pleased with the enthusiasm the children showed - I wouldn't be surprised if they read all three!


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We've been celebrating the reading we've been doing using our new reading scheme..

Our top five readers in Year 5 since September:

           1                        Sophie               441,882 words

           2                       Joshua               281,205 words

           3                       Gabrielle            250,245 words

           4                       Eva                    206,076 words

           5                       Daisy                 197,541 words   

Our top five readers in Year 5 this half term:

            1                        Gabrielle            157,736 words

            2                       Nathan               78,305 words

            3                       Daisy                  72,965 words

            4                       Tilly                    69,429 words

            5                       Joshua               64,151 words   

Well done to all the children above! Keep up with the reading Year 5, I want to see more children reading daily, getting their diaries signed and reading bookmarks filled. Our reading challenge is to read 1,000,000 words each by the end of Year 5 - come on Year 5 I know you can do it!

Children who have completed their reading bookmarks this half term are:


Our golden ticket winners this half term were Jessica and Niamh, well done girls! Golden tickets are awarded to children when they read three times. Then at the end of each half term we pick two winners.

AuthorKay McVey

Year 5 celebrated Safer Internet Day today. The theme this year is 'Create, connect and share respect: A better internet starts with you' to encourage everyone to make positive choices online. The children discussed how they connect with friends and family online and thought about the effect that their behaviour online can have on their own feelings, and the feelings of other people.

Year 5 came up with their own ideas for how we should connect safely and positively online and made their own fortune tellers to share these with friends and family at home.

Please see the information sheet for parents from the Uk Safer Internet Centre that came home with your child tonight. It gives online resources that parents can go to for advice and support to keep your family safe online. 

AuthorKay McVey

Wow! Where has the time gone? I can't believe half term is already upon us. The children have been working hard...

We've been studying one of Shakespeare's tragedies, Macbeth. The children have enjoyed exploring the battle scene through active approaches and have used this to write descriptions using powerful vocabulary and imagery. They've considered the prophecies the witches delivered to Macbeth and have planned the writing of a letter to Lady Macbeth. 

In history we have been studying the Ancient Greeks. The children have looked at the Ancient Greek timeline and how it fits within history. They've looked at how and why the Greek empire grew and have compared the Ancient Greek political system with how democracy works today in modern Britain. Last week the children investigated how how our knowledge of the past is constructed from a range of sources e.g. Greek vases.

This half term the children have been looking at the 3D work of Alberto Giacometti and have used his work to inspire their own pieces of work. They're not quite finished yet but the children have done a great job so far...

In computing the children have been looking at our new unit on cryptography and so far we've had a go at using cyphers to send secret messages and the children have also had a go at sending and receiving messages in semaphore and have learnt about, and used, morse code.



AuthorKay McVey

Here are our reading champions for the end of Autumn term, well done!


Please can I remind all of Year 5 of the expectation to read regularly and get your diaries signed. It is important that you are reading and taking the quizzes on your books regularly in order to improve your reading comprehension skills. Well done to those of you who are completing quizzes regularly and earning your stickers for your bookmarks and golden tickets for our half termly prize draw. At the end of this half term I'd like to see the whole class with reading certificates.

Well done to Eva and Lillia who won December's golden ticket draw! They won a ticket each to Ascent Trampoline Park - have fun girls!

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To conclude our space topic, the children were challenged to a series of activities which ultimately led them to planning, designing and making a moon buggy. Take a look at what they did...

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We've had another good week. The highlight of our week was a trip to Jodrell Bank - the children were impeccably behaved and they showed off their great knowledge and understanding of our Space topic. Here are some photos of our trip...

On Friday the children also continued with their resilience training. This week they worked together as a team to make a pyramid of paper cups... but they weren't allowed to touch the cups directly! The children had to use different materials to help them stack the cups (blue tac, straws, elastic bands and foil). Take a look...

AuthorKay McVey

Where is the time going? I can't believe we're almost half way through this half term already!

This week we've continued with the work on our local area. The children collected so much data from their field work and so they've been analysing it to learn more about our local area. They've also used digital mapping software to make their own map and highlighted findings and features on their map.

In Science the children have been studying forces and have already investigated the effects of gravity and friction. This week the children have planned their own investigation into air resistance. Unfortunately the weather was so bad during our lesson this week that they'll carry out their experiments next week.

On Friday Rob from Headstart came in and the children learnt another resilient move to help them become more resilient in difficult situations. The focus of the lesson was to identify positives in different situations and to understand the concept of hope and looking to the future. To help them remember this the children all made their own rose tinted glasses and they decorated them with positive messages. 



Reminder that on Wednesday 29th November is Year 5's visit to Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre in Macclesfield. Our visit will include time at both the planet and space pavilions, entrance to an inflatable planetarium and a Mars Rover workshop.

Due to the distance, the coach is booked to leave school promptly at 8.15am so we would appreciate if the children could all be in school by 8.00am. We will have a picnic lunch at the centre and depending on traffic, we expect to return to school for 3.30pm. Children are asked to take their packed lunch in a named carrier bag which can then be disposed of at the site. Children can wear their school PE kit on this day for comfort, but please ensure that the children bring a waterproof coat in case of poor weather as part of our visit will involve being outside.

Thank you to those of you who have already brought in permission slips and money for the trip. If you haven't yet replied, please can you do so as soon as possible.

Thank you for your support,

Mrs McVey

AuthorKay McVey

It's been a good first week back! I'm so pleased to see that so many of you have been reading avidly and have returned to school and already completed quizzes on the books you have read. Already children have earned stickers for their bookmarks and golden tickets for reading. Well done to Ethan and Tieghan who were our golden ticket winners last half term. I wonder which two lucky readers will win this half term's golden tickets?

This week letters for our Jodrell Bank trip were given out regarding our visit on 29th November. Slips and money to be handed in by Friday 24th November please. The trip will reinforce our work on the Earth and Space topic from last half term. At Jodrell Bank we'll see the giant Lovell telescope, visit the Space and Planet pavilions, go into the planetarium and take part in a Mars Rover workshop.

This week we also welcomed Mr Creighton to our class. He will be working with us up to Christmas and so the children may mention him at home.

Our resilient move of the week is to go to the park. We'll hear about those next week and if the children have got any photos to share then they can bring those in too!


AuthorKay McVey

Year 5 have been working on a space dance with Miss Slater this half term in their PE lessons and today they were given the opportunity to perform their dance to Year 4 and I. 

Well done Year 5, it was great to see you working in unison for parts of the dance and then in small groups and individually. Miss Slater said that the ideas all came from the children and their knowledge of Space. Here's some photos...

AuthorKay McVey

Well done to those children who have earned reading certificates for reading at home. As you can see they were very happy to receive their certificates and also an extra golden ticket for their efforts in their reading. Tomorrow we will be doing the golden ticket draw to see who will become our first golden ticket reading champions for this half term and will win a special prize...

AuthorKay McVey

Thank you all so much for the generous gifts you all brought in for harvest. The children enjoyed the harvest mass with their Reception buddies and were great role models for them. Well done Year 5, I was so proud of you all and I know Miss Haggerty was too!

Our resilient move for the week ahead was picked out of our special box by Jack. The move is to spend time with a family member that you don't get to see that often. What a lovely idea! Last week we all enjoyed spending time with our families and thank you to the children who shared photos of them making their resilient moves. Tilly spent time picking pumpkins with her mum and dad in Preston - it looked so much fun I think I'm going to look into going there too. Sadie and her two sisters sat together cosily and watched a film together - lovely to see siblings enjoying time together and getting on so well! Thanks for sharing those with us girls!

Don't forget to get your reading recorded in your diary over the weekend to earn yourself some extra golden tickets. Next week we'll be picking out some golden ticket winners and this half term's book champions will win a great prize! Who will the Year 5 book champions be...?

AuthorKay McVey

Thank you so much to those parents who were able to make the Year 5 parents meeting with the HeadStart team. Resilience coach, Rob, and his team have been coming in to class on a Friday to teach the children about being more resilient and will continue till Christmas. Don't worry if you couldn't make it this time as we've organised for Rob to come in again to speak to parents at the end of the programme in December when Year 5 will do a special assembly to share with the rest of the school, and you, what they've learnt about being resilient. Please ask your children about these sessions so that you can support them in their quest to become more resilient - you'll be surprised at how much they know already! Ask them about the special potions!

For more information/support, please see these recommended websites:


Boing Boing  

Some photos of the work they've done already...


One of the ideas to promote resilience, that has come from the sessions, was to make a resilient moves box. We made our box this week and each of us thought of a move that we could do and put it in our special box. When Rob came for the HeadStart session today we asked him to pick the first resilient move that we can all do over the weekend. The first resilient move, picked out by Gabrielle, was Archie's suggestion,


It would be lovely if the children could take a photo or write about what they did with their family - we can share our resilient moves on Monday. It will also be great for when we do our special assembly. Enjoy spending time with your family this weekend, I know I will!

AuthorKay McVey