Well this week has been a full one…so much to fit in, in so little time!

In Maths we have been looking spotting link and connections between the are of shapes and solving multiplications by noticing links. We know to multiply by 8, for example, we can double, then double, then double again. This is because 8=2x2x2!

In English we have been writing our own poems, mostly in free verse. I am amazed with the standard of the poems the class have produced. They have really focused on their choice of language, and made sure they included similes and alliteration. As the weather has been so beautiful, we had a poem reading session outside…

In Art we have been looking at Romero Britto, a Brazilian artist. We have looked as some of his own pieces, which have inspired us to create our own piece of art using his cross between Pop Art and Cubism. Watch this space for pictures of our completed art pieces..

In our Fit2Go, we have learnt all about the eatwell guide and what foods we should be eating to maintain a balanced diet. We have also looked at the different bones and muscles in the body.


The Golden Award went to Zachary for his much improved focus in class this week.

The Writing Award went to Theo for his great language choice in his poem.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend, and enjoy the sun again!

Miss Slater

AuthorCatherine Slater