Well, we have reached our final half term in year 4, and what a busy term it will be!

Let’s see what we’ve been up to this week….

In Maths, we have been adding hundredths and tenths to number, developing our understanding of decimal places value. We have also been adding fractions together to make one whole, using a fraction wall to help us. I will send a fraction wall home with each child today, so they can revise their fraction work at home!

In English, we have started looking at poetry. We have read a few in class and looked at what language the poet uses and for what effect. We have also been writing our own similes to describe, as this is a really effective literary device to use in poetry-they really help to paint the image in the readers’ minds. It has also been lovely to hear some poems that a few children in the class have gone home and written themselves!

In RE, we have been thinking about the way the disciples muct have felt on Pentecost. We wrote diary entires, as if we were Peter, describing those feelings and explaining what actions the disciples took as a result of this.

In Science, we are looking at animals and their habitats. This week, we filled in our concept map to see if we could make any known connections with the vocabulary given. Over the next few weeks. we will be classifying animals into groups, using classification keys and looking at the human impact on our environment that can pose dangers to animals’ habitats.

Also this week, we started our Fit2Go programme. Anthony came and delivered us a lesson is class and then we did some dancing in the hall. The Fit2Go programme is a fantastic thing for Our Lady’s to be involved with as they cover a lot about the human body, healthy eating/balanced diet and exercise.

In History, we have been comparing Ancient Egypt to Modern day Egypt, looking at what was different and what is still the same even after thousands of years!

We have managed to fit so much amazing learning into just one week, and there is still plenty more to come!!


Golden Award-This week;s Golden Award went to Bella for her continued hard work and efforts in class.

Writing Award-This week’s Writing Award went to Ryan for his beautiful choice of language when using similes to describe.

Also, a big well done to Sophie and Liliana who won our class Spelling Bee, and will be representing our class in our KS2 Spelling Bee, On Monday!

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Slater and the Year 4 Team

AuthorCatherine Slater