In Maths we have been looking at negative numbers. We have looked at them specifically in the context of temperature to help us get our head around the fact that the greater the negative number is, the smaller it is…-13 degress Celsius is much colder (lower) than 3 degress Celsius!

In English, we have started to draft our own play scripts-and what an amazing start we have made. Not only have we had to remember all the features of a play script, we’ve got our personal writing targets to consider too! Next week, I will be selecting a number of completing play scripts for groups to act out to the rest of the class-those picked will be the ones that give the clearest directions for the actors!

In History, we have been studying the many uses of the River Nile in Ancient Egypt. We have created information leaflets all about this, and how important it was in the running of their every day lives in Ancient Egypt.

In RE, we have been interpreting the words and actions of Jesus when he reappeared to disciples on Lake Galilee. His words and actions we so significant and had deep meaning…just like our words and actions truly reflect our beliefs!

In Art, we have been writing in hieroglyphs! We have written our names and then a secret message…all in hieroglyphs! We have even tea stained them to give the appearance of the papyrus paper the Ancient Egyptians used. These will go on display outside our classroom, so passer-by’s can have a go at deciphering them!


I simply has to give the whole of year 4 the Golden Award this week. They represented Our Lady’s School in such a positive way on our trip to BFC for the Fit2Go Festival. They wore their Our Lady’s bage with pride and certainly did me proud!

The writing award this week went to Sophie for her amazing start to her play script!

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Slater and the Year 4 Team.

AuthorCatherine Slater