Well this week we have been looking at perimeter in Maths. We now understand how to find the perimeter of shapes, and we have looking at quick ways to find the perimeter of squares and rectangles, without adding the length of each side individually.

In English we have fully planned and made a start at our new chapter of ‘Sugarcane Juice’. I have been wowed with some of the opening paragraphs the class have written-such great use of descriptive language to really paint a vivid image in the reader’s mind. We will continue with our Big Write next week. We also took our PIRA comprehension tests in English this week. I can confidently say I am not disappointed by anyone’s score...that’s not to say we couldn’t have done any better, as there is always room for improvement!

In RE, we have been celebrating our differences! We know that we are all part of God’s family and that He made us all in His image, but He also made us all so different and that’s what makes us unique! We looked at what makes us different to others in school, in the UK, and the biggest picture of all...the world! We recognised that we don’t all look the same, or speak the same, or come from the same country, but we do ALL deserve to be treated fairly and equally!

In Science and Geography we have added to our concept maps from the beginning of term, to show what we have learnt. We have also completed our initial concept maps for Science to show what we already know about next term’s topic ‘Animal, Including Humans’. In particular, we will be looking at teeth, the digestive system and food chains.


This week’s Golden Award went to Lily for her continued hard work and effort in class. The word ‘continued’ in really important as Lily always tried her hardest, in all that she does!

This week’s writing award went to Gabriella. If Gabriella’s Big Write is as good as her plan, I cannot wait to read it!!


We will be reflecting on Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane. Our reflection is on Wednesday morning at 9.10am, in the school hall. All are welcome to come and watch and share in this reflection with us.

 Have a lovely weekend, and I look forward to our last week together, before our Easter break!

Miss Slater

AuthorCatherine Slater