Welcome back to our Summer Term…and what a busy term it will be too!

Let’s see what we’ve been up to this week….

In Maths we have been completing some assessments (nothing like a test to get us back in the swing of things!). I was so impressed with the effort all the class put into their assessments, and despite having over a week off school, our brains are clearly still switched on. We also practised the long method for multiplication and division this week, as we are keen to master it before year 5!

In RE, we have been looking at the significance and importance of Christ’s Death and Resurrection, and how the Easter story reflects Christian beliefs about Jesus.

In English, we are looking at Play Scripts. We have read the script for a Vietnamese play called ‘The Fly and the Fool’. We identified the different features of a play script and focused on a character from the play. Today, we had the opportunity to act the play out. The script was divided into 7 parts and in groups of 4, each scene was acted out….so as a class we acted out the whole play. I was blown away by the acting skills in this class!

Here are some pictures of us mid-drama….

In History this half term, we are looking at Ancient Egypt. This week, we completed our Egyptian concept map, to see what we already know, and today we had 6 different images related to Ancient Egypt which encouraged a ‘silent debate’. This entailed us going around the classroom and writing our opinions and thoughts around the image. If we had an opinion on anyone else’s comment, we could add that too…and this was all done silently. These pictures may give you a clearer idea as to what we did…

This week’s GOLDEN AWARD went to Liliana for her hard work and determination. She always puts effort into her work, and we all know in Year 4 that EFFORT=SUCCESS!!

Thank you to all the class for a strong start back at school…with just one more term left in Year 4, we need to start preparing ourselves for Year 5!

Have a lovely weekend (I know it’s a busy birthday weekend for a few girls in the class!)

Miss Slater

AuthorCatherine Slater