In Maths, we have been completing our problem solving and reasoning maths paper. We had to read the questions really carefully, before working out what the question was actually asking us to solve. This was a great way to show how much we have learnt (and remember!) from Spring term so far, as well as highlight the areas that we need to work on/ revisit.

In English, we have been drafting and editing newspaper reports. We had to include complex sentences in this report as we learnt about these last week. I was so impressed with the subordinate and relative clauses used in everyone’s writing. However, there was a fair bit of editing and improvements to be made. Some of us get into habits of missing some words out of sentences or repeating ourselves-we have really focused on improving this for future pieces of writing!

In RE, we have been looking at the different ways that we can share in the life of Jesus. This is particularly important to reflect on this now, as we are in the period of Lent. I was really touched (and teary eyed) reading all about the ways that the class feel they can personally share in His life, and their Lenten promises were lovely!

In Science, we have been investigating what happens to some materials when we apply heat to them and then let them cool down-did they change states? I will let your children fill you in on the answer to this…


This week’s Golden Award went to Abigail. She is such a helpful member of the class and always tries her hardest. It has also been lovely to see that she has been keeping her ‘friendship door’ wide open this week, always allowing people to walk through it and join in her games.

This week’s Writing Award went to Audrey for including our whole class targets in her newspaper article. It really made her writing much better!

Enjoy your weekend, and once again thank you for your continued support!

Miss Slater & the Year 4 Team

AuthorCatherine Slater