I have been so impressed with the efforts and work that the class have produced this week. We sure have been busy!

In Maths, we have been looking at different angles. Ask us what an acute, obtuse and right angle are! We have been naming these angles in different shapes and some of us have even been using protractors to measure our angles too!

In English, we have produced another Big Write. Our class target was to use inverted commas to show speech and I am pleased to say that everyone managed to do this! I was also blown away by some of the vocabulary choices that were used for effect…and what a powerful effect they had!

Tuesday was a Internet Safety Day, so we did lots of work and role play on the theme of ‘Digital Consent’. This was all about the importance of receiving or asking for permission before we make online choices. This was something that was really important to discuss with the class as more and more younger children have access to the digital world.

In RE, we have been looking at Judaism. We have looked at the different symbols of the Jewish religion as well as discuss their core beliefs. Next lesson, we are going to be comparing Judaism with Christianity…we already know that each faith shares some beliefs but differs with others.

In Science, we have been classifying solids, liquids and gases…we know that everything on earth can be classified into one of these groups. We will be discussing the differences between the three states of matter, on Monday.

In Geography, we have been researching were some foods originated. We know that many foods we can grow in lots of different places of the world but they had to come from somewhere. Next lesson we will be preparing some questions to ask to a visitor that grows his own food, here in Blackpool…he has an allotment. We can find out what foods he grows and which ones he can’t grow as well. We can also find out about how the weather can effect food growth.

In Art, we have been using oil pastels to draw pieces of fruit…we were inspired by Cezanne’s art and it just so happened to link in with our Geography topic too. Here are some pieces of our work so far (we will complete them next week)…

Award winners:

This week’s GOLDEN award went to Charlie for the efforts he has put into all his learning this week. On top of that, Charlie is such a caring and considerate member of the class, and a pleasure to teach. Although we had no certificates today, Charlie will get his award on Monday.

This week’s writing award went to Bella for her accurate use of inverted commas and her ambitious vocabulary choice-well done!

Enjoy your weekend!

Miss Slater

AuthorCatherine Slater