Can you believe we are half way through year 4 already?!

This last week has yet again been a jam-packed one!

In Maths, we have been looking at perpendicular and parallel lines. On top of the work we did on angles, we then had a greater range of vocabulary to describe different shapes and their properties.

We also did a maths arithmetic test and I was so impressed by how well the class did, on the whole-it also highlighted the areas that we need to do more work on!

In English, we have had a huge spelling focus this week. We have used our Read, Write, Inc spelling books to revise the prefixes, suffixes and sounds we have already done. We then had a go at writing down sentences, from memory, that were dictated by me (Miss Slater).

In Geography, we had prepared some questions for our visitor, who came into class on Wednesday. Mr. Brown is a local gardener, who has his own allotment. As our Geography topic is ‘Where does out food come from?’, this was a great opportunity to find out what foods we can grow locally, and also which foods we can’t. He talked to us about climate, weather and the importation of foods too!


This week’s Golden Award went to Liliana for being an enthusiastic and positive learner. Not only is she a pleasure to teach, she is also a pleasure for others to be around!

This week’s writing award went to Grace B for her recount of Mr Brown’s visit, in our Geography lesson. As well as being well-written, she had used lots of words from the Geography Word Bank.


Before Christmas, we had the chance to go to the Grundy to look at some art work which them inspired us to create our own masterpieces. An Artist from the gallery came in and worked with us and the artwork we produced is on display in the gallery now! How exciting!

Their artwork will be on display until 2nd March, so if you get chance over half term to go and see it, that would be great!


Year 4’s Artwork in the Grundy Art Gallery!

I have not set any book homework, but please keep up with home reading and times table practise.

I hope you all have a lovely week off and I look forward to the half term ahead!

Miss Slater

AuthorCatherine Slater