We this week has been very productive!

We have been looking at subtraction methods in Maths, planning a ‘big write’ in English, looking at the story of The Presentation of Jesus in the Temple in RE, and on top of all that, we’ve started new Science (States of Matter) and Geography (Where does our food come from?) topics!

To end the week, year 4 have been doing an amazing job at doing some pencil drawings of a piece of artwork by the famous French artist, Cezanne. Last week, they used their regular HB pencils to sketch an outline and this week they have been using different shades of H and B pencils to create light and dark shading.

Here are some pictures of my little artists….

As we were at mass this morning, celebrating the feast of Candlemas, there was no Golden Assemble.

I will add the award winners to the blog on Monday….

This week’s GOLDEN award went to Vinny for simply being a delight to teach! His positive attitude and loving nature make him a joy to be around.

This week’s writing award went to Thomas for his big write plan. he used some great vocabulary! I can’t wait for the final draft!

Have a lovely weekend!

AuthorCatherine Slater