This week’s learning:

Maths-we have been subtracting one-digit numbers from a 4-digit number, crossing over a 1000s bridge. We quickly realised that it is easier to work it out mentally if we subtract to our multiple of 1000 first and then subtract the remaining amount. So for example, if we had 4002-6, we would partition 6 into 2 and 4 so we could subtract 2 first (4002-2=4000) then we just needed to take 4 away from 4000, which we know would be 3996. The class have done a great job at using this method, and can practice this at home with their maths homework.

In English, the class have produced some great character descriptions! We have been looking at the character of Mr. Patch, and using some ‘power’ words to describe what kind of man he is. I was so impressed with the detail that the children had included and how they had made the descriptions detailed rather that just listing adjectives-they are so good, they are display-worthy! Watch this space for pictures of our writing display!

In Science, we have been looking at the pitch of a sound. We investigated how different things can affect the pitch of a sound, including length, size, density and tightness/slackness. We made sounds with different instruments in class-some long/short, big/small. heavy/light and tight/slack. We then made a note of when the sound was high pitched and when it was low pitched. We then used our results to write a conclusion about what we had learnt.

In RE, the class have planned their own shared worships, in little groups. They have really thought about what they would like their theme to be and what prayer, scripture reading, music and resources, they want to include. Starting next week, the class will start to lead their own worships!


This week’s golden award went to Megan for being such a kind and considerate member of the class. Her positive attitude really shines through!

This week’s writing award was a tough one to choose, as I was so impressed with the effort all the class had put into their descriptions. I did, however, have to choose Sophie as my winner as she really won me over with her vivid description, accompanied with great grammar! 

As always, I have been so impressed with the effort this class out into their work-keep up the hard work!

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Slater

AuthorCatherine Slater