Well this week we have been making circuits, planning big writes, writing diaries, measuring length and so much more!

We have had so much fun in Science, making bulbs light up in our circuits. We quickly realised what equipment we needed to do this and after some trial and error, we all managed to make our bulb light up! We learnt so much from the mistakes we made along the way as well. We will be doing more work with electrical circuits next week too! Here are some pictures…

In maths, we have been busy measuring bees. We have been measuring things in and outside of the classroom, in m, cm and mm. We used the ipads to record all our measurements along with pictures of us doing the measuring too! We now have a display of this lesson outside the classroom, for others to see what we’ve been up to in maths.

It’s been an exciting week in English as we have been preparing for our big write! We have completed our plans now, and next week we will be writing our own chapter of the story ‘Lost or Stolen?’ that we have been studying in class. I am very excited to read all of year' 4’s fabulous pieces of writing!


This week’s Gold Award went to Grace B for having such a positive attitude towards her learning, and other people around her-keep it up, Grace!

The writing award this week went to Tom for a huge improvement in his handwriting!

Next week’s writing award will be very tricky for me, as I know all of year 4 are going to produce some amazing pieces of work!

Keep up the hard work, year 4, and remember EFFORT=SUCCESS!!!

Have a great weekend!

Miss Slater

AuthorCatherine Slater