I cannot believe that our time together in year 4 in nearing an end. What a great year it has been!

This has not, however, stopped us for cramming these last few weeks with great learning opportunities.

In English, the class got to act out a selection on play scripts  that some of the children has written. I was absolutely blown away by the success of this...there are definitely some budding directors in this class!

In Maths, we have been working together to solve some problems, looking at what we have learnt over the year. This has been a good opportunity for us to see how much we have learnt and those target areas for year 5.

In Science, we have been making and explaining a variety of food chains. We learnt the scientific words for plants and animals in food chains. Please ask us what producers, consumers, predators and prey are!

In Art, we have been doing some pencil sketches of Our Lady's church, as we have been looking at the church community in RE.

The children will be spending Monday morning with their Year 5 teacher, Mrs McVey, as part of their 'moving up' morning. I know the class are ready to show off just how amazing they are!

I am so pleased with how far all the class have come, during our time together in year 4, and I'm even more excited to see them grow even more as they continue on their learning journey.

Let's make our last week together, in year 4, a good one!

Miss Slater & the Year 4 team.

AuthorCatherine Slater