As another half term has gone by, we are only one half term away from year 5!

This week has been a great week for me to see how the children are doing with their Maths, Reading and Writing. I have been so impressed with the efforts from ALL the class, who have worked so hard, and have shown just how far they have come. It is amazing to see the progress the children have made, since they joined year 4, in September. It is also a great opportunity for me to use this last half term together to focus on those things that will help each child to progress even further, before year 5.

With the weather being so pleasant these past couple of weeks, we have managed to seize a few outdoor learning opportunities....we've done some outdoor maths (measuring), some planting and some orienteering too!

I have not set any homework over half term. However, it is still important for the children to keep up with their reading...if the weather stays like this, what better way to relax in the sun, than with a good book (and sun cream!)?

I hope you all have a well deserved break!

Miss Slater

AuthorCatherine Slater