In RE this week, we have been looking at the Ascension of Jesus. As a whole school, we celebrated this feast day on Thursday, over at Our Lady's Church.

In class, we read the story of Jesus' Ascension back to heaven, and then in small groups we acted it out. This really helped us to retell the story, in our own words. Next week, we will be delving further into the story and thinking about why Jesus returned to Heaven and what he promised his disciples before he left earth.

Here are some pictures of us re-enacting the story...

In Maths, we have been working out the area of shapes. We realised that we can do this by counting the cm squares inside the shape, or if it is a rectangle or square, we can multiple the length by the width. Next week, we will be finding the area of 'L' and 'T' shapes-this will be tricky as we may need to separate the shapes into two rectangles and find the area of those before adding these areas together. We are ready for the challenge!

In English, we have been focusing heavily on the correct and accurate use of punctuation, in our writing. We were given a whole passage of text, that had almost no punctuation in it and our challenge was to edit and improve it. We found our there were 42 edits to make in total! This activity really highlighted the importance of punctuation, particularly full stops!

In Art, we have combined the use of patterns and vibrant colours to create a piece of artwork, inspired by that of Romero Britto's. Watch this space for pictures of our completed pieces of work, next week!

AuthorCatherine Slater