This week we have been learning a lot about Brazil. As a starting point for our geography topic, we used atlases and our globes to investigate where abouts Brazil was in the world. We looked at what continent it was in and what other countries were in that continent too. When we compared the size of Brazil to the UK, it made us realised just how big a country it was-we even made estimates of how many UKs could fit in Brazil. We also research the countries in the world that were bigger than Brazil, and found out it was the 5th Biggest country in the world!

On our own maps of South America, we labelled the countries, capital cities, surrounding oceans and the Equator and the Tropic of Capricorn.

In art, we were introduced to the art of Romero Britto, who is a Brazilian artist. We had a 'silent debate', where we offered our thoughts and opinions on 7 different pieces of his artwork-we quickly realised he has a very distinct style of art, which uses vibrant colours as well as lines and patterns. We then went on to use block, vibrant colours in a piece of our own work, inspired by that vibrancy of Britto's art.

Here are some pictures of both the 'silent debate' and our own art work...

Next week, we will be looking at the climate in Brazil compared to where we live, and the reasons for the differences. This will all be leading up to us doing lots and lots of work and research on the Amazon Rainforest.

AuthorCatherine Slater