We are in the very important time of Lent and this week we made our own Lenten Promises. We are going to try really hard to fulfil these promises by truly living out the Mission of Christ, as we prepare for Easter.

Also in RE, we have been looking at how believers know that Jesus was truly human and is also truly God. We made links to stories form the Bible that support this.

We have also been trying hard in our Maths and English, this week. The story we are looking at, in English, is set in Victorian London. We have learnt quite a bit about what life was like back then, particularly for poor young children. This text led us to look at Standard and Non-Standard English, as there is a bit of Non-Standard English in this story. In Maths we have been looking at decimal place value. We have even been diving by 10 and 100 to get a decimal answer-we were very good at this!

As part of our Science 'Changing States' topic, a lady from United Utilities came it to talk to us about the water cycle. As well as this, we also discussed how water is cleaned to make it safe for us to use and how we can help to save water.

Here are some pictures of our Water lesson...



AuthorCatherine Slater