We have been continuing to pick different acts of Kindness, each day this week, as part of our Advent Challenge. This week, we have been making an extra effort to use our manners, help others, play with people we don’t usually play with and SMILING!

in RE, we have been making links between the story of Mary and Joseph and Trust in God. We then thought about who else this reminds us of and what these stories teach US about trust.

In Maths, we have been rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000. We have done so well with this and are really starting to understand the HOW and WHY!

In English, we have drafted our own narrative. I have been really impressed with the children’s choice of vocabulary and the humour used in some of their stories. It has become apparent, however, that we need to work on our basic punctuation-capital letters and full stops!!! (Hence the English homework this week!)

In D & T we finished making our guitars….

This Friday we has the privilege of watching the Reception class’s nativity-which was amazing! Due to this, there are no award winners this week.

Have a lovely weekend, and keep up all the hard work!

Miss Slater and the Year 4 Team

AuthorCatherine Slater