Well last week we were lucky enough to visit the Grundy Art Gallery, in town. While we were there, we got to look at some posters advertising Blackpool, some old and some more recent. From this we started to think about what we think represents Blackpool, and what Blackpool might look like in the future. The lady at the Grundy was so impressed with the ideas that the children came up with-what an imaginative and creative bunch!

Following on from this visit, on Wednesday, an artist from the Gallery, Lisa Wigham, came into school to deliver an amazing art lesson with the class. They all produced some amazing posters of Blackpool, using printing. Oh and guess what?! All of the children’s artwork will be displayed at the Grundy Art Gallery as part of the exhibition, in January! Watch this space, for details of when this will be, so you can go along and see the artwork for yourself!

Here are some pictures….


Last week’s Golden Award went to Grace K for being a little star, who’s light is always shining! Grace always does the right thing and is a great example to follow!

This week’s Golden Award went to Leo! Leo tries his hardest in ALL that he does. He is a focused young boy, who, despite any challenges (including a broken wrist!) he faces, always perseveres and put in all his effort.

This week’s writing award went to Ryan for his much improved presentation of his written work. Ryan has been trying so hard to ensure that he writes in his neatest handwriting all the time-no matter what book or subject this is in!

AuthorCatherine Slater