This week has been a really special week, not only was it our first week back after half term, but because we celebrated the feast of All Saints. On Thursday morning, we celebrated this special occasion, as a whole school, with Mass at Our Lady’s church. In class, we have been discussing the saints that we are familiar with as well as looking into some saints we didn’t know much about. What was really important, was that we realised that these people are just like us, and if we follow Christ’s example, just like they did, we could be saints one day too!! This year is also going to an extra special year, as it is The Year of the Eucharist. We will be doing lots as a whole school and in our classes to celebrate this important year.

Also this week…..

In Maths, we have been seeing how much we have remembered from before half term by completing our reasoning paper. It was soon clear, that we had not yet mastered fractions of amounts, so we went over this again in class. This is why our homework is all about fractions of amounts. We had to clear up some misconceptions, such as, ‘if the denominator is bigger then the fraction is always bigger’-I’d much rather have 1/3 or cake than 1/5 of cake!! Hopefully, the more time we spend on this, and look at different ways of working them out, we will eventually master this concept!

In English, we have been doing lots of drama to familiarise ourselves with Shakespeare’s ‘The Comedy of Errors. Using active approaches, we now know the characters and storyline of the play, despite how confusing it becomes! To prepare ourselves for writing a detailed description of the port in Ephasus, that we hear about in the play, we did a word carpet. We used our senses to describe the port and used post-its to jot down our ideas. In partners, we then lead each other around the classroom using these ideas to help describe the port to our partners.

Here are some pictures of our ‘port walk’….

In computing, we have been focusing on e-safety. After a class discussion about the ways that we can ensure we are safe and feel happy when we are online, the class produced some great information posters…

This week’s GOLDEN AWARD went to Reece for his ‘growth mindset’. He has such a positive attitude towards his learning, and sees every mistake as a challenge and a learning point. Keep it up, Reece!

Have a lovely weekend, and get ready to keep up the hard work, come Monday!

Miss Slater

AuthorCatherine Slater