I have been blown away with the children’s work, this week. What a hard-working class I have-I’m very lucky!

Not only was I blown away by the quality of their Shakespeare writing, last week. they have produced some fabulous pieces on non-fiction writing all about The Battle of Edington, in our History lesson!

In our Read, Write, Inc English lesson, we have looked at a great story written in narrative verse. We will be using the story line and characters to plan and write our own story, which I have no doubt will be superb!

FRACTIONS! FRACTIONS! FRACTIONS! If you hadn’t already guessed, this has been our maths focus this week. Fractions are not the most straight forward concept to get your head around, but year 4 have been doing a great job at trying to. We have looked at what a fraction is, to begin with, before looking at equivalent fractions and we even touched upon simplifying fractions-we will continue with the next week.

In Science we had fun using a drum and polystyrene balls to make links between the volume of a sound and the strength of the vibrations-we made a mess of the classroom in the process too!

In a few weeks, we will be making our own instruments (linked with our Sound topic), in our DT lesson, so please can I ask if you have any shoe boxes at home, we are collecting them from this week.

Following on from Remembrance day, on Sunday, we have had a prayerful week. Not only have we been thinking about all those soldiers who fought, and died in the war, we have also been thinking about our personal, and shared prayer intentions. We have discussed how special and important prayer is, and how it helps to closen our relationship with God.


Last week’s Golden award went to Tia for trying so hard with all her work form last week. Tia always tries so hard, and she is proving that this really pays off.

Last week’s writing award went to ALL of year 4. I was so blown away with their Shakespeare writing, I couldn’t possibly choose just one!

This week’s golden award went to Sophie. Sophie is such a great role model, always doing the right this and having such a positive attitude towards school.

This week’s writing award went to Lily for her very informative writing on The Battle of Edington!

Have a great weekend!

Miss Slater

AuthorCatherine Slater