This week, we completed our first ‘big write’. We drafted, edited and then copied up our writing so it was display-ready. I was so impressed with everyone’s pieces of writing and how well they edited , using their purple polishing pens. Editing writing is not an easy task, so I was so pleased to see everyone go back to their work and make improvements-it really does make a big difference!

Watch this space for pictures of our complete writing display….

In maths, we have been using column method to add and we have been solving some tricky problems. It is great to see so many children challenging themselves and using different strategies to solve a problem. They have learnt this week, that sometimes in maths, it’s a case of trial and error-when something doesn’t work one way, try again a different way!

In Science, we observed the changes between one and two bulbs in a circuit. We then used these observation to then change other things in our circuits to see if it effected any thing, or cased anything else to change. Next week, we will be investigating what materials are electrical insulators and conductors.

In Art, we started to make Viking long ships. We were given a set of instructions and lots of different materials to construct our ships. Watch this space for pictures of our completed pieces….

During our last Science lesson, on Monday 15th October, we will be making our own torches. Please can I ask for children to start bringing in any cardboard tubing they may have at home. Kitchen roll tubes work well, however, for hygiene reasons, we cannot use toilet roll tubes.

For our Harvest Celebrations, Year 4 have been asked to bring in Packets of pasta or jars of pasta sauce. Please can we have these by Friday 12th. Thank you!


This week’s golden award went to Claire for trying so hard in all she does. She has such a positive attitude towards her learning, and this really pays off! Keep it up, Claire!

This week’s writing award was really hard for me to decide, as all the class put so much effort into their big writes. I did, however, choose Joseph as he used some really powerful imagery in his work, and tried so hard to improve his own writing. Well done Joseph!

I look forward to another great week, but until then, have a great weekend!

Thank you for your continued support!

Miss Slater

AuthorCatherine Slater