Well, we have had an action packed week!

In Science we have been investigating which materials are electrical insulators and which are conductors. We did this by testing different materials in our circuits, and recorded our results in a table. Here are some pictures, showing some of the materials we tested…

We were very lucky this week, as we got to try our hand at fencing. A fencing teacher came to our school, and each class had the opportunity to have a lesson with him. We learnt some fencing lingo as well as poses. We had great fun…

To end our week, we had great fun making some Viking long ships. These will look great on our history display…

Thinks week’s awards….

GOLDEN AWARD-This went to Mya for being an absolute pleasure to teach! She’s a great role model

WRITING AWARD-This went to Audrey for her great ‘big write’. She used some fantastic vocabulary to help paint a vivid image in the reader’s mind.

MATH AWARD-This went to Vinny for his great problem solving skills! He did so well, his name was published on the NRich website!

Keep up the hard work, year 4!

Miss Slater

AuthorCatherine Slater