Well, what an amazing first week back!

We have made a great start to our Science and History topics, sharing what we already know.  We can now look forward to the new learning ahead.

We have also had our first dance lesson in PE, which is inspired by our History topic, 'The Anglo-Saxons vs. The Vikings'.

On top of all that, we have made a great start in our English, Maths and RE....and there are so many more new things to learn!

With our 'growth mindset', we are approaching our learning with a positive attitude, as we are all capable of achieving so much. We know that if we put the effort in, we WILL succeed.

In class today, we made our own 'growth mindset' poster, with our learning partner. We are working on the language we use every day in the classroom, and how to keep it positives! There will be no 'I can't' or 'I'm no good at this', and plenty of 'I can't do this yet, but I will with practise!' and 'I will keep trying my best!'

Here are some pictures of us creating our posters...

AuthorCatherine Slater