This week, we started our new 'Sound' topic. We were identifying how sounds are made by vibrations. We did some research on this, on the laptops, and then we observed it for ourselves. We places polystyrene balls on a drum and them created sound by beating the drum. We observed what happened to the polystyrene balls to evidence that sound really is made from vibrations. We were really good at scientifically explaining our observations.

Here are some pictures of our musical day....

 History Topic-Anglo Saxons and Vikings

This week, we also started our new History topic. We have been looking at the Anglo Saxons and labelling the places they took control of, on a map of Britain. We have also been discussing the reasons why the Anglo Saxons invaded Britain. We will be going on to look at the struggle between the Vikings and the Anglo Saxons, for the Kingdom of England.  

We also made some Viking boats, in our art lesson, which will be part of our History Display.

Here are some pictures of us busy making our boats....



AuthorCatherine Slater