This week, in year 4, we have been working so hard! We have produced some great work and we have learnt lots of new things.

In RE we have been writing all about what makes a good disciple. We create 'Job Vacancy' adverts for a disciple and included lots of information including what a disciple needs to do (job role), what kind of person they need to be (person specification) and why you need to act in this way-they look great!

It's been such a busy week with our Maths-we have learnt about obtuse and acute angles, as well parallel and perpendicular lines. On top of all that, we have also been exploring symmetry and investigating how many lines of symmetry regular polygons have-did you know a polygon is a shape that has only straight sides?

We have produced some fabulous pieces of non-fiction writing in our English, all about Queen Elizabeth ll-we had to do some research before that too! We've all drafted it in our writing books and on Monday we will be copying it up as a final draft so it looks just like a real fact file! Oh, and we have also been punctuating direct speech in out Grammar lesson-this is trickier than it looks, but we're great at it!

Finally, in Science we have been looking at evaporation and condensation and the part they play in the water cycle. This was new, exciting learning for us and we produced some great drawings of the water cycle as well as written explanations to accompany it.


Next week we will take pictures of our completed writing and put them on this space to see our amazing work!

Here is our Monarch work and display so far! (Next term we will be focusing just on Henry Vlll!)



AuthorCatherine Slater