We have been very lucky this week to have, not one, but two visitors in our classroom.

On Monday, Michael Brown came in to tell us all about the foods he grows on his allotment. This really helped us with our Geography topic 'where does our food come from?' He also talked about what season was good for growing and what the best conditions were for this. On top of this, he informed us of the seasons when he doesn't grow much because of the change of temperature. We also learned that some of the foods we asked him about, we can't grow here at all because of our climate-we are going to research where they come from next week!

On Wednesday, we also had a visit from Fr Jim who talked to us about sound (he's quite the scientist, you know!) He told us all about a meteor that hit Russia a few years back and how the sound took so long to travel to earth that the people of Russia saw the meteor, before hearing it about 2 and a half minutes later-how interesting is that?! The sound waves were so strong, they shattered windows and destroyed buildings!

This week, we also made a start a sketching a pencil drawing of some of Cezanne's artwork. We are practicing sketching and shading with pencil, in preparation for our own pieces of art work, inspired by that of Cezanne's. Here are some pictures of us starting the sketching process..

AuthorCatherine Slater