This week has been a great 'introduction' week. We have been introduced to new topics in Science and Geography, sharing what we already know and what we would like to find out.

We have also started our new Fictional Text Unit, in English, based around a fun story, written in Narrative Verse. We will be building up to planning and writing our very own chapter to this story-it will involve Bogey Men and Trolls!

Maths has involved a lot of fraction work-equivalent fractions and simplifying fractions. Although we find some fraction work tricky, we are definitely growing our brains through our new learning.

This week has also been a time for us to prepare for Remembrance Day, which is a very special day in the year. We even made our own poppies and accompanied it with some writing and a reflection on what we are remembering on this day and what the poppy represents.

Here are some pictures...

AuthorCatherine Slater