Maths Award this week went to Liam for his great mental multiplication and division work. I was really impressed with Liam this week and the way that he applied all his table knowledge to his work...they really are the key to successful maths work. Keep up the hard work Liam.

The Golden Award this week went to Chloe for being my little star all week. I needn't say any more - Chloe has made me really proud of her this week and she knows why. Well done sweetheart - a little superstar. I am so very proud of you.

The Writing Award this week goes to Joshua for his amazing poem in the narrative style. This is not aneasy style to replicate - you need to make your poem rhyme, keep the syllable beat the same throughout and most challenging of all - keep a story thread running through the whole poem. Something Joshua did very well and with a bit of humour too!

AuthorEmily Hollinghurst