The Maths Award this week went to Lottie for her fab work on measures....Lottie has certainly been making her mark in Maths in Year 4 recently! Lottie has received the award this week for her fab work on measures and particularly word problems related to this topic. Well Done Lottie...clever girl!

The Writing Award this week went to Chloe for her great effort in improving her cursive handwriting and the general presentation of her work. This has been a real focus in Year 4 this term and Chloe has risen to the challenge. Well Done Chloe; keep up the hard work.

The Golden Award this week went to Joshua for being a shining light of God's love through the Lent season. During a challenging week in Year 4, Joshua has shown what a true star he is and I am extremely proud of his sensible and mature attitude. Joshua has shown he is following in the light of the Lord.  


AuthorEmily Hollinghurst