As you will have noticed the children all came home with a new little yellow book this week with Spelling and Handwriting on the front. This book, and the words in it, are in addition to the book that comes home on a Wednesday with your child's group spelling lists.

These words come from the Year3/4 High Frequency word list and contain all the words that all children should be familiar with by the end of Year 4. This means that the children should be able to read and spell these words confidently by the end of the school year. These words are on constant display within the classroom and are the focus of our school Spelling Bee, which will begin on Monday.

These books are intended to help support the children with their spelling and also cursive handwriting. We are currently focusing on handwriting in school to ensure that all of our children in Key Stage Two are joining their writing. The children are required to write the words down themselves, from the example they are given, and make sure they join their letters correctly. I will check the books of the children who I know find cursive handwriting difficult to make sure they have joined their letters correctly.

Please encourage your child to practice the spelling of these words at home and to make sure they are joining their letters when they write them down! The books will come home on Monday's and tested on Friday's. Please ensure books are in school on MONDAY each week.  Words will be marked in terms of spelling and correctly joined letters. We are having a real focus on the presentation of work at present and handwriting obviously features very highly in this.

Thank-you for your support with this matter.

Mrs Hollinghurst


AuthorEmily Hollinghurst