Well, I know your children are only just leaving Year 3, but I thought I'd just take this opportunity to mention a few of the topics we will start with in September. If you are looking for a few little projects for the summer then I have a few ideas!

Maths - please keep up the good work learning multiplication tables, they really are the key to successful problem solving. By the end of Year 4 children should be confident (ie know backwards!) all their tables up to 12x12.

Reading - please take up the summer reading challenge at your local library. Reading is the key to successful writing.

Writing - keep a summer diary. No need to write in it everyday, but once a week would be a great way to keep the children writing and make up a lovely log of your wonderful summer.

Topics - our first History topic is all about the Ancient Egyptians and first Science topic is all about Habitats. These might be topics the children could do a little bit of reading around or research if they get the chance.

I would love to see any little projects the children have had the chance to do once we start back in September!

I look forward to getting to know your children much better on our return to school.

Mrs Hollinghurst

AuthorEmily Hollinghurst