Welcome back to a new term, I hope you all had a lovely Easter holiday. We are already hard at work and have made a start on our new topics of Electricity in Science and The Tudors in History.

As part of our Literacy work on oral stories and performance poetry, the children have brought home three verses of a fifty verse poem that I would like them to try and learn. We will put the whole thing together next week and see if they have managed to learn their part and work with their partner to perform their verses!

The Golden Award for this week has gone to Charlotte for her hard work and positive contributions to all class discussions. A great start to the new term Charlotte.

The Writer of the Week has gone to Caitlin for her great notes about The War of the Roses and the Battle of Bosworth. We have begun the Tudor topic by looking at how the Tudors came to power and Caitlin wrote some detailed notes to get us started.  

AuthorEmily Hollinghurst