The children have come back to school after the Easter break refreshed and ready to learn! They have really impressed me this week with how focused they have been and this has certainly been reflected in their work. I hope this continues! I can’t believe we are now in our Summer term. Time really does go too fast.

We were very lucky to have a lady called Sarah Jane come in to school on Wednesday morning to teach us a dance lesson. The theme was Matilda and we had a great time learning some dance moves, freeze frames and duets. With so many avid readers in the class, Matilda was the perfect theme for us.

We have done some wonderful learning this week, and have managed to fit in lots, despite it being a shorter week. Here’s what we have been doing…

Maths - we have continued our focus on fractions and have been looking at fractions of amounts.

English - we have focused this week on our comprehension skills, looking at a poetry text called Walking with my Iguana. We have also recapped present perfect tense.

Science - we have learnt all about pollination and fertilisation, and have set up an experiment with a strawberry plant to see what plants need to grow.

R.E. - we have started a new unit of work on The Eucharist. We have also planned our very own class worships.

P.E. - Gymnastics - we adapted our Balancing Act sequences from before half term to include a change of level, speed and direction. We then performed these for the class.

A busy week indeed!

Due to our shorter week, I have only given out our Golden Award which went to Lila. Well done!

Please see the homework tab for details of this week’s tasks.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Miss Heim-Sarac

AuthorCandice Heim-Sarac