Last week we tried hard to keep our Lenten promises. We prayed three times a day and tried to show more respect to one another. The children certainly worked hard to do this and there were some lovely moments during the week when the children went out of their way to be kinder to one another, which certainly gave us some teary eyes!

Here’s what we got up to in our learning…

In Maths we finished our work on division with remainders and moved on to solving calculations in number stories. We learnt the mnemonic ‘rats never catch ants’ to help us remember what we need to do. R - read, N - note the important information, C - find the calculation needed and A - find the answer!

In English we continued with our discussion texts work. We created some human balancing scales and learnt that a discussion text is where a statement is discussed; with both the positive and negative points of view talked about. We decided whether we agreed with certain statements - such as pizza is better than pasta; and school holidays are too short!

In History we started to learn about Roman roads and why they were built.

In Science we created role plays of the different parts of a plant and I asked the children to show me how water is transported around the different parts. These were fabulous and the groups all put their own individual stamp on their performances.

In R.E we focused on the story of The Lost Sheep and what this shows us about God’s forgiveness. We discussed how we are like the sheep and God is like the shepherd. He is always there to get us back on the right path when we get lost.

We also created some fantastic pebble art based on our World Book Day characters. Pictures to follow this week.

Award winners were:

Maths: Onalee

Writing: Theo

Golden: Grace

Please see the homework tab for details of the homework set on Friday.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend.

Miss Heim-Sarac

AuthorCandice Heim-Sarac