Half term is once more upon us! It really is crazy how fast the weeks go by. We have done more fabulous learning this week, including:

-Maths: We have now finished our work on measurement and this week we completed some tricky assessments! We really had to use our growth mindsets and persevere. Well done to all the children for working so hard.

-English: We have almost finished our very own episodes of ‘A Tale of Two Robots’ and we have enjoyed deciding what our robots will get up to on their days out. We also did some further work this week on using dialogue in our writing, and what punctuation we must use with it!

-Science: We have started a new topic on Plants and have created a concept map of vocabulary we will be using next term. We had a go at connecting any words that we thought might be linked. We will update these as the topic progresses.

-P.E.: We are working really hard in P.E. to learn how to pass underarm. The children are so enthusiastic and are working hard to get this right. We have also learnt this week how to jump safely, and practiced star, straight and tuck jumps.

Our award winners this week were:

-Golden: Olivia

-Maths: Kourtney

On Thursday 7th March it is World Book Day. This year our theme is the ‘Wizarding World of Words’ and the children can dress up as a book character. It would be fabulous to see the children pick a character related to our theme. Maybe they would like to be a character from Harry Potter? Harry himself or Ron, Hermione or Malfoy? They may even want to pick an animal to dress up as such as Hedwig, or even Aragog the spider? The children could also pick characters from other stories such as Winnie the Witch or Room on the Broom. There is certainly lots of inspiration to be found! We are also holding a Harry Potter event on Friday the 8th March. Tickets are now on sale at £2 and there are only 70 places. It promises to be a fun packed evening! Letters went home yesterday.

No homework over the holidays, but please ensure your child is still reading daily.

Have a lovely break!

Miss Heim-Sarac

AuthorCandice Heim-Sarac