Today we celebrated Candlemas with a lovely service at Church. Candlemas commemorates the Presentation of Jesus at the Temple after his birth. As Jesus is the light of the world, this feast day sees Father bless the candles in Church for the year ahead. The children behaved beautifully at Church and we spent some time praying for those in need.

We have had a busy two weeks in Year 3. The children are working so hard! Here’s what we have been learning about…

Maths - we have been learning about money (creating amounts using coins and working on adding and subtracting different amounts) and have this week started to learn how to measure lengths in centimetres. We had a go at measuring each other’s forearms and feet and discussing the results!

English - we have moved on to a new genre of writing - Science fiction/fantasy stories. Using our RWI scheme we are starting to learn the story of A Tale of Two Robots.

R.E. - This week we have been learning a beautiful song in our daily worship sessions. The song is all about how God wants us to be his missionaries here on earth, by spreading the word that God loves everybody and also by helping those in need. The song is very catchy and I’m sure if you ask your children they will be able to sing you the chorus!

Science - We are at the end of our topic on Forces & Magnets. We are just finishing some fantastic magnetic games that the children have created, using magnetic force to attract materials. I will post some pictures of these next week.

P.E. - We were very excited this week as during our Gymnastics lesson the children had a go at exploring balances, travels and rolls using the equipment - including the climbing frame!

Last week I announced the winner of our Reading Corner competition - Isabella. All of the entries were fantastic and I could tell the children had worked so hard. This week we have been working together to bring Isabella’s design to life, and we are very nearly finished. I will post pictures of the finished result next week.

Award winners this week:

Maths: Kayden. For some fabulous contributions to class discussions and using some great Maths vocabulary in those contributions.

Writing: Will be given out on Monday due to Mass this morning.

Golden: Will be given out on Monday due to Mass this morning.

Can I please remind you to make sure the children are practicing their times tables and spellings each week, it’s so important and greatly benefits the work we do in school.

Year 3 News: Sam popped in after school one night this week. He looks so well and the operation was a success. We can’t wait to have him back in school with us.

Please see the homework tab for details of this weeks tasks.

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Heim-Sarac

AuthorCandice Heim-Sarac