This week the children will be bringing home their new reading folder along with a book from our Accelerated Reader scheme. The way the scheme works is that the children take an online reading test which gives them a ZPD (zone of proximal development - a range of books that will challenge your child without causing any frustration). This is in the form of a number range and each child will have a different ZPD. This is because the test looks at the children's own personal reading skills and determines from that what range of books they can read. Please note this number is not a reading age. For example; a ZPD may be something like 1.8-2.4. All of the children have now completed this test.

The books we have in school have a corresponding ZPD attached to them and your child will be able to pick books to read from within their own ZPD. Initially, your child will be picking books from the lower range of their ZPD and over time will start to work towards the top end of their ZPD.

Once the children have read a book they will take a quiz online. Each book has a certain number of points attached to it and the children will gain a proportion of these points depending on how they do on the quiz. The quiz is designed to test the children's comprehension of the book they have just read.

The children will be bringing these books home to read and will also be bringing home their reading log. I have asked the children to make notes in their reading log each time they have read the book to keep track of what is happening as they will be able to refer back to these while they are quizzing. I have suggested that the children make notes after every few pages or after each chapter if that applies.

If you do have any questions regarding this I am always available at the end of each school day once the children have been collected.

Thank you.

Miss Heim-Sarac

AuthorCandice Heim-Sarac