We have had another busy week and it is going to start getting even busier as we start to prepare for Christmas. We have lots of fun activities over the next few weeks to look forward to including making Christmas cards and calendars.

Advent (and the new liturgical year) starts this Sunday. Our advent service will take place on the 19th December over at Church and will start at 2.30pm. Year 3 have the important job of acting out the Christmas story. We look forward to seeing you there.

In Maths this week we have looked at subtractions and we have also completed some Maths assessments. The children tried so hard and have done brilliantly; I am a very proud teacher this week!

In English we have continued our work on information texts and we should hopefully be starting to write our own next week.

In Science we have started a new topic - Forces & Magnets. We started this by creating a concept map of all the key vocabulary we will be using over the next few weeks. We will come back to this map at various points in the topic to see if we can make links between any of the vocabulary using our new knowledge. We then had a go at trying to identify the force acting on an object - a push or a pull.

In Geography we were looking at capital cities of Europe and had a go at identifying them on a map and then adding them on to our own maps of Europe. The children were great at this!

In History we looked at Stone Age houses and how they changed throughout the Stone Age period.

Award winners this week:

Golden: Kayden. For being such a kind and caring member of our class and trying so hard to shine his light for others.

Writing: no award this week.

Maths: Nathaniel. For super independent number line work.

Have a lovely weekend & please see the homework section of our website for this weeks tasks.

Miss Heim-Sarac

AuthorCandice Heim-Sarac