We have had a wonderful day today raising money for Children in Need. As a school we have raised lots of money so a big thank you to you all for your kind donations. The children loved filling up the big Pudsey in the entrance hall with their pennies!

In Maths this week we have continued to work on our mental maths skills as well as starting to look at 2D shapes and their properties. Maybe you could look around your houses to see what shapes you can find? They are everywhere!

In English we finished our A-Z Holiday Guides and they look fantastic. We have now moved on to learning about persuasive writing and have started to plan our very own persuasive letters.

This week the children learnt all about the Stone Age diet and planned their own menus based on these ingredients. We all decided that we would much prefer to eat the food we do now then the food they ate in the Stone Age.

In Science, we have learnt about fossilisation this week, in particular fossils that were created using mould and cast. We also learnt about the great fossil hunter Mary Anning and her fascinating life which the children found very interesting.

We spent some time this week planning our own worships in groups. The first group led their worship today and they were fabulous - I am looking forward to seeing what you have all planned over the next couple of weeks.

Our award winners this week are:

Writing - Lily

Golden - Analiese

Maths - Charlie

Have a great weekend.

Miss Heim-Sarac

AuthorCandice Heim-Sarac