Welcome back! We have only been back a few days but we are so busy. If you would like to find out in more detail what we will be doing this term please look at the curriculum overview on Year 3's news page.

This term our work is linked to science fiction and the creation of robots! In literacy we will be writing a new chapter for our story, 'The Tale of two Robots', and exploring forces and magnets in science. Linked to this area of study, we will visit Global renewables to see how forces and robots come together to recycle our waste. This trip will take place on the 25th January and is free of charge.  Recycling will feature in our geography studies, as we explore our local area and consider the effect we can have on our environment.

Please collect small cereal boxes, card board tubes and anything else you might need to invent a robot!

During this term we will be preparing for a Spelling Bee competition. This will take the form of a class heat, from which the two winners will then compete against the other class winners to find the overall school spelling champion. The spelling list will be sent out this week (don't be too daunted, just do your best) and our class heat will take place on the week beginning 1st February. the finals will be held on the 8th February. Good luck!

Homework will continue as usual please look at the homework page for more information.

Dance club will continue as normal, Friday 3:30-4:30.

Our web site will be updated each week so please come back! 


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