We have been busy this week on the first draft of our robot story, creating a new episode in which Nita and Robert find themselves in strange situations. To present our stories in an interesting way we have created robots from things we found at home, to link with our recycling. They are still in the process of being completed, as soon as they are finished we will share the photographs! So watch this space.

In mathematics this week we have been investigating what happens when you double a number and double it again. We found out that this was the same as multiplying by 4. We also looked at halving and halving again and found that this was the same as dividing by 4. We could then investigate if dividing by 4 was the same as finding a quarter of a given number.

On Monday we are going on a trip to Global Renewables to see some real robots and look at magnets in action, so look out for our pictures next week.

well done to our writing award winners and our Golden award winner. We are very proud.

Authorfiona ormerod