On Monday, year 3 visited the Grundy Art gallery to experience  a major new programme of exhibitions and commissions incorporating the broad theme of light, which coincides with Blackpool’s Illuminations. This was the introduction to their new science topic (light) and geography topic ( our local area) which they will study after half term.

For 2015, the gallery presents ‘Sensory Systems’, a substantial new exhibition bringing together works by internationally acclaimed artists interested in the technology and science of light and how this can be deployed and shaped to affect our perceptual experience of space. 

The children had a fantastic time exploring the light exhibits and experiencing first hand how the art works made them feel. Their observations were astounding, in one room they told the curator of the Gallery, Hannah, that the lights movement made them feel as though they were growing and shrinking. In another room they considered how sound waves could be digitally changed into light waves and turned their voices into 'light art'. In fact their comments have been tweeted by the Grundy! 

Finally, after looking at the original 1930's designs for the Illuminations, the children created their own design and then they collaborated to produce a whole string of illuminations! I am sure that they can tell you all about it but if you want to see what they got up to then have a look in our gallery.


Authorfiona ormerod