Can you believe it? It’s already our last half term as Year 2 children!

Our first week back has been another exciting one. We have been so impressed by the way the children have returned to school ready to learn and have been demonstrated all their fantastic skills - thank you for your hard work with them during the holidays!

In English this week, we have started to write our imaginary friend stories and have been thinking about all the crazy things they might get up to during a sponsored silence!

In Maths, we have been measuring mass in both grams and kilograms, as well as estimating which units would be best for the different things we weighed. We have also been using the less than, greater than and equal to symbols to compare measurements. Lots of practical fun!

In Science, we’ve looked at food chains and how animals each rely upon one another for survival and food. We will continue this work next week.

Our RE work has been all about the Miraculous Catch where Jesus appeared to advise his friends whilst fishing and have written recounts from Peter’s perspective.

In PE we continue our work on ball games and have looked at the ball skills involved in tennis.

It has certainly been a very busy first week back but we have worked very hard!

Our golden award winner this week was Jayden-Thomas for a fabulous attitude towards school.

Our writing award winner was Sophie for consistently super stories and beautiful handwriting.

Have a lovely weekend,

Mr Whetnall, Mrs Bowdell and the Year 2 Team.

AuthorLiam Whetnall