This week has been the beginning of our SATs assessment. Due to ensuring that the tests remain as natural and stress-free as possible, we have decided to stretch them out over the month of May.

We have completed two reading papers and the children are desperately excited to do even more next week! (I’m not kidding, by the way!) We have all worked so hard and the effort and enthusiasm they have put into their work has blown me away! Well done, year 2.

Next week, we will undertake our two maths papers - arithmetic and reasoning. The children have worked very hard with this and so do not panic! However, if you would like any last minute practice here is a link to a Maths Reasoning Paper.

Our English work this week has involved becoming familiar with the story of Chatterbox Ben. We have been discussing the story, making predictions about what will happen and thinking about how we could change the story.

In Maths. we have started our work on time and' I’ve been truly amazed at how great we all are at telling the time to half past and o clock. Next week, we will continue to work on time with quarter to/past and even 5 minute intervals.

In Science we’ve explored seaside habitats. If you happen to be near the beach at all, take a look and see what you can find living there.

We have also been involved in the Shakespeare workshop again - acting out the story of a Midsummer Night’s Dream through freeze frames.

Also, we have had some free time during our SATs tests and have used it to create some wonderful Maths games and pictures to aid us in our storytelling.

Golden Award winner this week was Ollie.

Writing Award winner was Maisie.

Finally, just remember…

sats pic.jpg

Have a lovely weekend,

Mr Whetnall and Mrs Bowdell

AuthorLiam Whetnall