All the children have been working hard this week, but these are the children who have really shone...

Last Week's Awards

Golden Award - Cianna for super Science working, telling the class all about filtering water

Writing Award - Kourtney for great descriptive phrases

Maths Award - Nevaeh for super subtraction work

This week's awards

Golden Award - Theo for renewed concentration and focus in all areas of work

Writing Award - Elliot and Declan for SUPERB fantasy stories! We have a couple of authors in our midst! Amazing work boys.

This week we have been learning ....

English - writing our own fantasy stories. The children have used our class story to write their own Planet Precious stories - and they are wonderful.

Maths - division and multiplication. We have written calculation families, answered division problems and even answered questions using remainders today.

Science -  Animals and their young. We looked at the names of many animals and their young and made some larger class posters to show what we found out.

RE - we are studying the earlier Church and how the apostles worked to help people in the same way that Jesus did. This week we looked out how Peter and John helped a man to walk.

History - we have looked at how the RNLI helps people today and how we can stay safe near the water.

HOMEWORK - reading please!

SCHOOL TRIP - Miss Dixon and I would like the children to wear school PE uniform on TUESDAY. Sorry for the mix up regarding clothes - my fault - but we think it will be better for the children to all be wearing the same. As the weather is meant to be really warm next week ALL children MUST have HATS and COME TO SCHOOL WEARING SUNCREAM. Thank-you for your support with this. WE ARE ALL EXCITED!!!

Have a lovely weekend, enjoy the sunshine! Mrs Hollinghurst and Mrs Bowdell

AuthorEmily Hollinghurst