This week has been dominated by our 'independent work' and I couldn't be prouder of the attitude and application shown by all of the children. They have all worked their socks off each day this week and I have been delighted with what they have done. All the children have worked to the best of their ability and no-one can ask any more than that. Well Done....nearly finished, just a bit more to go next week. Hoping to be finished on Tuesday!

Golden Award - Jack for his independent work. Jack has enjoyed showing what he can do by himself this week and I have been really proud of him.

Writing Award - Sam for writing independently and not waiting for help. I love this 'can do' attitude Sam, keep it up!

I have to say that we have been overtaken by what we have done in the mornings this week and I have tried to keep our afternoons light and pressure free! We have done lots of History work based on Grace Darling, Science on food chains and RE about the role of the disciples.

We have also talked a lot about Bucket Filling and how we are all going to try to fill our buckets and the buckets of others! One of the children brought in a lovely book to share and this lead us into an afternoon of work based on how we can fill our 'bucket' and those of others by being kind and respectful.

This was timely for Year 2 as there have been a number of incidents recently of children being unkind and saying hurtful things to others. We have discussed this at length this week and I really hope we have come to a better understanding of how our words and actions affect others. Hence the discussion about bucket filling...when we say something nice we feel good about ourselves and make someone else feel good about themselves too. When we do this we fill our buckets and the buckets of others.Likewise, if we do something mean, we empty our buckets and those of the people we are unkind too.

Our challenge now is to be bucket fillers!!

Work at home - reading, as always, please! It is the key to your child's future. No Maths 'quiz' this week as we have now done our 'real' one in class and I mark those special ones!

Enjoy the bank holiday; the children deserve a rest. Mrs Hollinghurst and Mrs Bowdell.


AuthorEmily Hollinghurst